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Dr. Soudah To Give Commencement Address

malik_presMalik Soudah MD, president of the medical consortium gave the key note speech at the Washington University of Health and Science commencement held at the Hilton, Columbus Ohio.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Soudah as the commencement speaker this year,” said Dr. Martin Hoofer, MD, vice president for medical affairs. Our students will benefit greatly from listening to his experiences and advice.”

As a physician-academic, Dr. Soudah is a strong advocate for global health and Education.

Students will walk the stage and shake hands with University President and the Dean of the medical school.

Dr. Soudah said he is excited to speak at the graduation ceremonies because he thought the speech from his ceremony was significant and he hopes to inspire current graduates with his own words.

Dr. Soudah said he wants to encourage the graduates to attend the commencement convocation.

“I think it’s something they shouldn’t miss,” he said. “I believe it’s something that can be meaningful to them if they’ll come and listen to what the speakers have to say.”

Dr. Soudah said there are specific points in his convocation speech that he’d like to share with graduates, the first being to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

“The second thing I’d like to do is talk about the state of the world that they’re entering,” Soudah said. “They are entering a difficult economic and fiscal environment. I just want to make sure everyone knows what that’s like. They’re going to have greater challenges than graduates have had in prior decades.”

Third, Dr. Soudah said he wanted to challenge the graduates as they move forward in life to help make the world a better place.

A point that Dr. Soudah wants graduates and other students to become more aware of is the appreciation of the value of obtaining a degree and doing it in a timely manner. Dr. Soudah funded his college career and said the fact that he worked so hard, not only to obtain a degree but also to pay for it, gave him a profound appreciation for it.

“I don’t think some of today’s generation of students think deeply enough of the importance [of the timeliness of graduation] and I don’t think they give enough consideration to the quicker you get done with school, the quicker you’ll be to get a return on investment for what their parents or their scholarship donors have contributed to the cost of their education,” Dr. Soudah said.

As students prepare for the “real world” and look back on their time spent at the medical school, a common thought is how they will miss the University.