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The need for quality education is the dire need of the hour. However this need can’t merely be attributed to the growing competition and the need to excel in the facilities being offered. According to Malik Soudah, President of WUHS (Washington University of Health and Science) this eminence is because the generation deserves it.

The time has gone when institutes could make false promises and grow nevertheless. Being a start-up WUHS has taken time enough time to know their periphery and hence can now assure its students about the capability of the administration. Medicine is not a study like any other for it involves human lives. And human lives as everyone would agree are precious.

When the organization came into being, the first and foremost concern of Malik Soudah was to have the highest possible teaching standards in the University and he was successful in doing so. Additionally there are numerous visiting professors from U.S. medical schools coming every semester to implement highest education standards.

WUHS is based in Belize which is an amazing place in itself with low crime rate, nice climate, and convenient transportation, economic and political stability. Promising the students to guide them personally and academically, the faculty here assures that the students acquire the expected proficiency and knowledge in the subject.

Medicine has always held a paramount and a special status in the society which is why it is immensely important to learn the respect it. The University holds a special place for medicine and hence wishes to instill high values in the students of medicine because only then will they be able to give their best in the future.